The first public nominations voting your favourite Furdel

The second “Kakato® Animal Furdel Awards” election is about to begin. There will be three awards: ”Furdel Cat”, ”Furdel Dog” and “Furkid Angel”.  These awards aim to recognize individuals who have made positive contributions to animal welfare and to inspire more people to care for animals through their stories of inspiring cats and dogs. This year’s election is special because it accepts public nominations for the first time, encouraging more people to share their heart-warming stories about their pets.

The “Kakato® Animal Furdel Awards” aims to recognize and commend “Furdel” with positive influence, hoping to inspire more people to care for animals through their actions, respect the lives of animals, and build a harmonious society between humans and pets through their stories.

The results of the “Kakato® Animal Furdel Awards” will be determined by a professional judging panel (40%) and public voting (60%) to select the best “Furdel”  The winner will receive a total of HKD 100,000 worth of prizes and gifts, and their nominators will also receive rich prizes and gifts.

“Kakato® Animal Furdel Awards 2023″ Now accepting public nomination
Nomination Period: 15 March, 2023 to 21 April, 2023

Nominators are required to write touching or inspiring stories about exemplary cat and dog and animal caretakers, using their own personal stories to inspire people to overcome obstacles and take action to love and respect animals and life.

Nominators who successfully confirm their nominations will receive MaxiPro e-coupons worth HKD 50.

Please fill out the form and submit it, we will notify you by email to confirm the validity of your candidate qualifications. Nomination Guidelines:

  • Each candidate must be nominated by someone else and cannot self-nominate.
  • Each nominator may only nominate one candidate. 
  • Each candidate may only be nominated once, and any subsequent nominations will be invalid.
  • The story submitted by the nominator must be true and not fabricated. The event organizers will not be responsible for any disputes that may arise.
  • By submitting the form, the nominator confirms that they have obtained the candidate’s consent for the nomination. The event organizers will not be responsible for any disputes that may arise. 
  • During the event, the organizers will make modifications, adjustments, and translations to the content submitted by the nominators to suit the needs of the event and promotional materials. The organizers will not notify the nominators/candidates of any modifications, adjustments, or translations and the nominators/candidates may not raise any objections. All modifications, adjustments, and translations will be based on the content submitted by the nominators.
  • The content and photos submitted by the nominator must not contain any infringing, illegal, violent, pornographic, or racist content, or the nomination will be disqualified. The organizers will contact the nominators through the email or phone number provided. Nominators must provide complete and accurate personal information for themselves and their candidates, or they may be disqualified.
  • We promise to protect the personal information you provide and comply with all relevant privacy laws and regulations. All information provided in this form will only be used for the purposes related to the event.
  • The nominator must fill out this form and submit it through this webpage before the deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • By submitting this form, the nominator and their candidate agree to abide by all application guidelines and terms set by the organizers.

* The organizer reserves the right to make the final decision on the rules of the awards and the schedule of the judging.

Profile of the nominated Furdel Cat/Dog
⚠️Note: The nominator and the person in charge/owner of the pet cannot be the same person

Please upload at least three photos of the Cat/Dog. (The uploaded photos and identity documents must be in jpg/png format and not exceed 2MB each. The organizer will choose the appropriate photos for the event and promotional materials.)

Profile of the nominators

Profile of the nominated Furkid Angel
⚠️Note: The nominator and the Furkid Angel cannot be the same person.

Please upload at least three photos of the Furkid Angel with cat/dogs. (The uploaded photos and identity documents must be in jpg/png format and not exceed 2MB each. The organizer will choose appropriate photos based on the actual situation.)

Profile of the nominators:

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