Result announcement for Kakato® Animal Furdel Awards 2022

The award ceremony for Kakato® Animal Furdel Awards 2022 has been conducted at the Hong Kong Pet Show 2022.  Check out the winners and shortlisted heroes for “2022 Furdel Cat”, “2022 Furdel Dog” and “2022 Furkid Angel”!  Salute to all angels devoted to love and protect animals and inspire others with their stories.

2022 Furdel Cat

Furdel Cat

Furdel Star

Furdel Star

2022 Furdel Dog

Furdel Dog

Furdel Star

Furdel Star

2022 Furkid Angel

Furkid Angel

Furdel Star

Furdel Star

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  • Cat - Lapin (19%, 855 Votes)
  • Dog - Sakura (18%, 799 Votes)
  • Angel - Miyuki (14%, 652 Votes)
  • Angel - Helena (12%, 557 Votes)
  • Cat - Minerva (10%, 459 Votes)
  • Dog - Lucky (9%, 411 Votes)
  • Angel - Candy (7%, 310 Votes)
  • Dog - Dice (7%, 309 Votes)
  • Cat - Fortis (4%, 201 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,519

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2022 Members of the Honorary Judging Panel

Dr Gary W.J. Ades
Department Head,
Fauna Conservation

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden Corporation

Mr Chan Kin Ping, BBS, JP Chairman
Lok Sin Tong
Benevolent Society, Kowloon

Dr  Eric Wikramanayake
Director, Wildlife & Wetlands
World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong

Ms Wong Shek Hung
Director of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Programme OXFAM Hong Kong

Dr April Fong
Kakato® Premium Pet Food


Kitten 1 – Your meme-able majesty Lapin


Residence:Cat Society Hong Kong
Age:12 years old
Personality:Proud, slightly bossy and quirky
Vision:To conquer all humans on earth and live a healthy life with my dearest turtle doll.

Lapin (French for rabbit) was born with a cleft lip. She used to live near a refuse room of a public estate in Tai Po. Given the poor hygienic condition, and her involvement in occasional cat fights on the drift, she was infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV or commonly known as cat HIV). The virus does not infect human beings but is transmitted among cats by blood. Cats with FIV are generally vulnerable to diseases for their declined immune system, but their life is no different from other normal cats.

Lapin’s congenital abnormality was complicated by FIV. As she often licked her lips, the wound gradually turned into a chronic ulcer. The unbearable pain stopped her from having regular meals, resulting in a skinny build. Later, she was transferred to Cat Society Hong Kong. When the animal volunteers fed her with a fluid diet, the tough girl attempted to fight against the grave pain and took in the nutritious food. In the end, she has grown safe and sound into a lovely and chubby cat.

In the first place, Lapin suffered from not only physical disorders but also mental problems. She was highly sceptical of and hostile towards humans, and would burst with defensive rage when the animal volunteers approached her. It took more than a month to tame her into a cuddly cat less wary of people. Now, she takes pleasure in being fondled and will roll around with comfort.

Ten years of homeless life and the painful torture of the wound in her lip are never easy for Lapin. She has now grown into a strong and quirky cat that is willing to trust people.

Vote for Me:
Folks! I must thank myself for being nominated for  Kakato Animal Furdel Awards. It’s definitely my charisma and calibre that appeal to everyone of you, and of course I know it well.

I’m not just an ordinary cat but your majesty Queen. My elegant facial expressions are ample for you to make entertaining memes, so that your boring days are repainted with colours. Apparently, it’s your great honour to be able to take care of me! I’m now waiting to see your loyalty. Don’t fail me, hooo-mans!

For those who are of good taste, show me with your vote!


Kitten 2 – Cuddle-Seeking Expert Fortis


Residence:Maison De Charlotte Pour Des Chats Et Des Chiens Sarl (MDCC)
Age:5 years old
Personality:Affectionate, playful, innocent and cute
Vision:A family with a good owner whom I can act cute to.

When Fortis was just a few months old, he was found paralysed in panic in the middle of a crossroad. By the time he was rescued, his lower body (including the rump and the genital) was severely festered with necrotising patches of skin tissues, probably resulted from a thermal or chemical burn. Even after the vet injected a strong dose of morphine, he still could not help trembling in anguish. It was very fortunate of him to make a narrow escape from the God of Death and survive the difficult times at such a young age.

For Fortis’s serious injury in his early years, no one was very optimistic about his ability to reproduce. However, he seems to have performed a miracle play. To everyone’s surprise, he has become a dad of six kittens at MDCC. His dramatic life is just impressive.

At present, Fortis has fully recovered from the wound and resumed a normal life with a fluffy and adorable image. Whenever he meets the volunteers, he is always ready to greet them with his warmest intimacy. He will usually meow for a constant pet in the head. When his love-seeking request is being overlooked, he will even jump onto humans to beg for a sweet cuddle.

Vote for Me:
Hello, everyone! My name is Fortis, which suggests ‘sturdiness’. I’m glad to be nominated for the Cat of the Year, and I will be gladder if you vote for me.

For me, the result does not really matter. I just hope to meet the predestined owner of mine by this chance. I’ll only act cute for you and lay in your arms, I promise. Let’s make our blissful days count.

Please bring me home, my dearest owner!


Kitten 3 – Nosy Girl Minerva


Residence:LAP Lifelong Animal Protection Charity
Age:2 years old
Personality:Lively, energetic and inquisitive
Vision:To meet my soulmate

Minerva used to be a feral cat. Due to an accidental injury in her spine, she has had difficulty in balancing and movement ever since. Hence, it is rather inconvenient for her to answer the call of nature. Her weak hindlimbs cannot support her body, so she often soils the fur around her bottom. In addition, the spinal injury has deprived her of the ability to control her muscles properly. When she experiences emotional fluctuations, she will be incontinent and thus requires special care and attention.

Minerva’s encounter is nevertheless a vivid example of an unyielding life warrior. Although the vet was not hopeful about her nearly paralysed rear legs, her physical disability did not undermine her curiosity about the world. Instead, she made every effort to explore the surroundings. As she moved around frequently, strength gradually developed in her rear legs. Minerva’s passion for life is inspiring and has clearly demonstrated the spirit of ‘never giving up’. It is hoped that everything is coming up roses for Minerva.

At LAP, Minerva takes the initiative to make friends with other cats. She is like a big sister who inspires others with her affability and gets along with them well. Out of curiosity, she is always the first one to study and play around new objects, the proactive vibe of which intrigues her buddies to join in later. Her leadership is overwhelming.

Vote for Me:
I wish to inspire everyone with my life experience through this campaign. I don’t see myself different from other cat buddies. We all strive to make our days count and cherish our lives. I equally embrace both my strengths and weaknesses, and become the owner of my destiny.

According to Plato, there are always frustrating moments beyond our control in our lives. We are unable and powerless to change them. But what is worse is that we lose the idea of change. Adopting me is the first step we change for each other.

I hope that my existence can bring positive energy to people around me. I look forward to meeting my soulmate with whom I can explore the meaning of life in the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction.


Doggie 1 – Life-Coaching Ambassador Sakura


Residence:Big Tree Animal Sanctuary and Adoption Centre (BTASAC)
Age:3 years old
Personality:Friendly, well-mannered and pleasure-seeking
Vision:To become an outstanding dog PR who inspires life on life

Sakura was left in a plastic bag, abandoned in a rubbish bin when she was still a puppy. Fortunately, she was rescued by a group of animal volunteers under the BTASAC. In fact, Sakura was born with bandy front legs. For this, the animal volunteers sought medical advice from a professional vet. However, the solution was either costly (of a surgical fee up to HK$150,000) or cruel (with a need to smash the bones to allow natural regeneration). Therefore, they decided to save her themselves.

One of the volunteers, who was a Chinese medical practitioner, constantly helped Sakura with moxibustion, massage, medication, herbal bath and deformity correction using bamboo rods. Despite the painful bone-setting therapy, Sakura was being very cooperative. Now, she has resumed her ability to move around with her normal legs.

During the stay at the volunteer’s home, Sakura was proven to get along well with other dogs. Later, when Sakura moved to the BTASAC, she was found easy with and popular among cats. She was always sending her cordial welcome to visitors whenever she met them. Her amiable character has thus earned her the role as a ‘life-coaching ambassador’ of the BTASAC and many opportunities to different on-campus sharing sessions with the volunteers. Sakura hopes to inspire life on life and encourage the younger generations to cherish life.

Vote for Me:
Like the proverb goes, ‘No pain, no gain’. I hope everyone likes and befriends me.

I’m grateful to have met lots of good people, who helped change my life and bring me here. I strongly believe in the Law of Attraction, where good fortune particularly strikes on people with an optimistic attitude. So, stay positive!

Now that you know me better, I hope you will vote for me. In return, you will have my luck!


Doggie 2 – Drunken Boy Dice


Shelter:Kelly Animals Shelter (KAS)
Age:10 years old
Personality:Friendly, clever and super-influential
Vision:World peace

Dice’s mother gave birth to Dice and his sister after being rescued by a kind-hearted person. However, the animal lover could only afford to adopt Dice’s mother due to heavy financial burden. Dice and his sister were then admitted to another adoption centre. A few years later, upon the closure of the adoption centre, the doggy siblings were relocated to KAS. It has been 7 years since Dice made his place at KAS, and his sister has also been adopted.

Dice has founded a tumor in his brain, an abnormality inherited from his mother upon birth. As a result, he was always losing his balance and could not walk steadily, just like a drunken man swinging sideways in the street. At the age of 4, Dice could not manage to take care of himself. He used to roll around as he moved, and needed assistance during meal and toilet times. Yet, the clever boy learnt by instinct to balance himself in between two human legs. Despite many times of failure, he never gave up on constant rehabilitative exercises. His persistent practice over the years eventually paid off. At the age of 5, he resumed a normal life like any other dogs.

KAS usually assigns introverted dogs to staying with Dice to empower them with his positive energy. In fact, Dice is never failing anyone with his good impact. His dog buddies are no longer overly wary of strangers. 

Vote for Me:
‘God helps those who help themselves. We’re the miracle-maker of our life.’ For me, this motto applies to not only me and my doggy buddies but also many other patients with brain tumors. When we get to know each other, my relevant ‘life experience’ has somehow inspired some of these patients with hope and strength to get through hard times.

Honestly, I was just trying to live out the best of my life. I’ve never thought of my significant influence on others. I’m glad that I made it, and I believe anyone else can make it too! Vote for me now to show your support. Let positivity spread!


Doggie 3 – Loyal Caring Buddy Lucky


Residence:Maison De Charlotte Pour Des Chats Et Des Chiens Sarl (MDCC)
Age:12 years old
Personality:Very loyal and innocent
Vision:To wake the owner up with a sweet kiss and wait for the owner to return home

10 years ago, Lucky was kept as a cute pet in a family. As he grew older and bulkier, his owner started to turn apathetic and uncaring about him because the family was interested in little puppies only. His irresponsible owner fed him with rotten food and locked him out of the village house in the countryside. Left unattended in the open air for a long time, Lucky suffered from malnutrition with serious skin problems and an unpleasant odour.

Although Lucky was badly treated by his owner, he was still loyal to the family. He would always walk them to the nearby station to ensure their safety. Mother Salad, the founder of the MDCC, was pitiful to Lucky for his plight and told him to stop making sacrifices for his inconsiderate owner. To show his absolute dominance over the boy, Lucky’s owner ordered him to cross the main road where traffic was heavy. The loyal boy took his owner’s words and walked towards the main road in firmness, though he was aware of the danger ahead. Fortunately, Mother Salad stepped in to save Lucky from trouble.

Lucky was severely hurt in an accident, and a lot of babesia were found in the bad wound around his neck. His owner clearly stated to give up on him. As a result, Mother Salad and another experienced dog-saving volunteer decided to take the poor boy to the vet. When Lucky felt that he was leaving his beloved owner, he tried hard to climb to the rooftop to dodge the volunteers. In the end, the volunteers could save him from the height after several attempts of capture.

Even after the traumatic experience, Lucky has become rather shy of strangers. It may take him a little more time to warm up, but his innocent character remains unchanged. He is still eager to believe in and get close to humans.

Vote for Me:
It’s my pleasure to be nominated in  Kakato Furdel Awards. I must thank everyone who has been supporting me along the way.

Ummmm…Honestly, I’m not very good at words. Being a quiet companion is how I show my good will to my beloved ones. In fact, many of my buddies are always telling me to act cute to impress humans; otherwise I will become a ‘silly’ boy not worth of anything . But I never learn it because that is who I am.

I’m now getting old, but I will still try my very best to give all of me. It is said fortune favours fools. Will you be my caring owner in my late life?


Angel 1 – Professional Kitten Nanny Miyuki


Miyuki is a regular cat volunteer. She started to become a kitten nanny by coincidence. Since then, she has been taking care of lovely kittens rescued by different individual animal volunteers at her house. At first, she was inexperienced and anxious about babysitting kittens. But as practised over two years, she has now become a veteran who saves poor kittens from illnesses or death, and brings them up with endless love, time and patience.

‘Every day after I wake up, the first thing to do is to check upon their breath for fear of their sudden passing. The mental pressure it imposes on me is just beyond words,’ said Miyuki. On her way to becoming a skilled kitten nanny, she has deeply felt and manifested the greatness of a nurser. She has gone through many bitter moments in nurturing young lives, which seems, in many people’s eyes, a mission of not much importance. To her knowledge, a kitten can hardly survive (around 20% to 30% only) without maternal care, justifying the reason behind her overstrain over the kittens. Being a professional kitten nanny requires perseverance and great mental strength. On average, kittens need to be regularly nursed every 1 to 2 hours a day, even in the middle of the night. Thus, it is habitual for her to set up the alarm clock and devote much of her time and effort to it. She must also be careful with feeding to prevent kittens from choking on milk.

Miyuki looked after six kittens simultaneously at her peak. To ensure the well-being of the kittens, she not only learnt some useful upbringing tips from other kitten nannies, but also signed up for animal care courses and, when necessary, took the sick kittens to the vet at her own expense. It is never an easy task to nurse kittens because it costs far more than just money, so great physical and mental strength is essential in rearing kittens into mature cats.

Vote for Me:
I usually feed my lovable kitties with Kakato’s chicken mousse as they love it very much. So this time, I’m actually competing for the canned food for my kitties. I can do anything for them as long as they can lead a happy life.

Despite the hardship of nursing kitties, I do enjoy the bittersweet moments with them. To me, they’re just adorable in any way. Raising them for a long time, of course I’ll be rather particular about their adopter. It just feels like marrying off my dearest daughters. 

Like all mothers on Earth, I just want my beloved kitties to grow happily ever after. 


Angel 2 – Animal Protector Helena


As an animal volunteer for twenty years, Helena has witnessed the progress of animal rights in Hong Kong and actively participated in local affairs related to animal protection. Before the epidemic, she took the initiative to ask different pet shops to free up some space as a direct cat and dog adoption corner. At present, she mainly engages in arranging adoption of rescued cats or dogs or organising charity sale of products of hers or donated by other people on her personal Facebook page. All proceeds from the fund-raising events will go to animal care. She even accepted an interview with East Week, a local magazine, to share her personal knowledge and experience of nursing animals.

‘Do the right thing that you can afford to do’ has been a life motto of Helena. This belief has fueled her with great strength to overcome different obstacles. At first, she was just a foster volunteer who helped to provide a temporary home for animals. It was until the terrifying series cat abuse cases in 2005 that she decided to step forward and participate in animal rights issues in society.

At that time, three kittens lying on the verge of death in an open alley in Mong Kok were reported with broken limbs. Upon hearing the dreadful news, Helena immediately sought medical help from the vet, and uploaded the photos of the victim kittens to the Internet. The photos then went viral online. Her witty use of popular social media successfully drummed up public concern over the tragedy.

Her righteous act later led to the first anti-animal cruelty demonstration initiated by animal lovers. 5,000 people joined the march in response to the call for better animal welfare. As a result, it marked a significant milestone in local animal rights progress for its successful appeal to the government on amending the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance, where the highest penalty over abusers was heightened to a fine up to HKD 100,000 and imprisonment of 12 months.

Of the three abused kittens, one was severely injured and passed even after emergency treatment. The remaining two were lucky to survive. Helena took them home and looked after them carefully. This has also inspired her to make good use of the Internet to promote animal protection. She hopes to curb animal abuse with her positive influence on social media.

Vote for Me:
I’ve been an animal volunteer for more than 20 years, and I’m grateful to everyone who has been supporting and encouraging me along the way. I must also thank every family who has adopted cats or dogs from me.

The problems of stray or abandoned cats or dogs remain serious in Hong Kong. Many individual animal volunteers are working very hard on this. I hope that people in the community will join us whenever possible and continue to support us in any way.

Each of your precious ballots counts! Please vote for moral adoption and say no to pet purchase. Thank you.


Angel 3 – HK’s Pet Rehab Forerunner Candy


‘Make all-out effort and stay true to yourself’ is the life motto of Candy Wong, the founder of Animal Social Enterprise (Animal SE). Such a strong belief has supported Candy in different life aspects for many years.

Animal SE was founded with an initial objective to offer pet owners more choices to go through the last stage of their aged pets. With more than 20 years of pet-nursing experience in a vet clinic, Candy has also suffered the loss of her beloved pet. She spent all her time taking care of its diet and rehabilitation therapy until the very last moment of her aged pet. Back then, there was not any pet rehabilitation service available in Hong Kong. As Candy could not bear other people suffering the same kind of helplessness and grief arising from pet loss, she founded Animal SE in 2011. The enterprise mainly provides rehabilitation services for aged and disabled pets, giving them a survival alternative to just euthanasia (i.e. mercy killing).

Given a low awareness and insufficient promotion of pet rehabilitation in Hong Kong, Candy explained that she risked starting the unprecedented business merely out of high aspiration and strong passion. ‘Perhaps I was young and ignorant to make such a bold attempt,’ she joked. Apparently, her decision was ‘crazily daring’. That she is now insisting on the pet-caring business in the face of adversity has demonstrated her steadfast determination and the spirit of ‘never giving up’.

As tough as she may seem, Candy still feels powerless at times. ‘Pet rehab is never an easy task. My body starts to have problems lately. It’s my love for animals that drives me to hang in there. I hope to make more contributions to them through pet rehab, and I don’t want to give up on any of them,’ she sighed. In view of the rather low admission rate of veterinary rehabilitation in Hong Kong, Candy often makes school visits to provide career advice to teenage students. She hopes to recruit new blood to the pet rehabilitation industry and pass on the contribution.

‘Sometimes a hard push can drive us further. You’ll never know how far you can go until you try it,’ Candy said. Her positive energy shines in her willingness to try, and in her determination to move forward.

Vote for Me:
I hope everyone can vote for me to support my ‘crazy’ work.

In fact, pet rehabilitation takes a lot of manpower and resources. So, we’ve been facing financial difficulties. I hope to call upon the public to support us through this campaign. Your support keeps motivating us to continue our work.

I also look for business talents and seek collaboration with different enterprises. I know that a thorough reform of the pet culture in Hong Kong is possible only when Animal SE continues to run. I won’t give up on aged and disabled pets, and I hope you won’t either. Thank you.


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