Origin:Abandoned dog
Age:1 year old
Personality:Interactive with people, likes to play with dogs.

"Pearl's Journey: From Abandoned to Beloved"
The story of Pearl may not be a heart-stopping tale, but it is one filled with warmth and love. Originally named Wangcai, Pearl was abandoned in June 2022 when her owner heartlessly declared, "Either take her away or leave her on the mountain!" This memory still lingers in Pearl's mind, but fortunately, she met a kind-hearted volunteer who renamed her Pearl, symbolizing the love and care she deserves. From that moment on, Pearl's fate started to change.

At first, Pearl was afraid of humans and didn't know how to get along with other dogs. But thanks to the patient guidance and care of her volunteer, Pearl gradually learned to socialize and became a polite, friendly, and intelligent ambassador of love. Her innocent smile and childlike heart have touched everyone who has met her.

Pearl's story reminds us that every fur baby is unique and worthy of love and attention. No matter how unfortunate their circumstances, as long as someone is willing to extend a helping hand, their fate can be changed for the better. Pearl also reminds us not to judge animals by their appearance or stereotypes. Every animal has their own unique personality and traits, and only by taking the time to understand them can we truly appreciate their loveliness and charm.

Pearl's story is also an inspiring one. From a scared and abandoned pup, she grew into a caring and well-mannered ambassador of love, thanks to the volunteer's patience and care. This tells us that with heartfelt effort, attention, and care, every life has the potential to change for the better and become a beautiful presence, making this world a better place.

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Pearl: "Dogs will love and support you unconditionally, regardless of your wealth or poverty. We promise to walk with you through every journey in life, providing you with support and encouragement."