Mao Mao

Shelter:Love Cats Everyday
Age:5 months
Personality:Enjoys being around people

A Cat Who Walked Back From the Edge of Life and Death
Mao Mao is a little cat from the Love Cats Everyday shelter. When Mao Mao was only one month old, he was rescued by volunteers, but his health condition was extremely poor. He had a cold and diarrhea and was on the verge of death. However, the volunteers did not give up on him and took care of him with all their hearts, and eventually, Mao Mao pulled through and gradually regained his health.

Unfortunately, happiness did not last long. Last Christmas, Mao Mao was unfortunate enough to contract feline panleukopenia, a serious feline disease with a mortality rate of over 90% for young cats. Even with treatment at the hospital, many cats still did not survive. Mao Mao's situation was also very critical and required full-on medical care. With the relentless efforts of the doctors and volunteers, Mao Mao miraculously survived and became one of the lucky few who defeated feline panleukopenia.

Now, Mao Mao has a happy family with a father, mother, and siblings to live with. Mao Mao knows that if it weren't for the love and effort of the volunteers and doctors, he might not be alive today. Therefore, he hopes to continue to speak up for stray cats and dogs, calling on everyone to support adoption and not abandon pets, so that more fur babies can have a happy and fulfilling life.

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Hello, my name is Mao Mao. I was originally a stray kitten, but fortunately, the volunteers saved me and changed my life! I hope everyone can support me and vote for me! Support adoption, don't abandon pets!