Concept of "Home" in Founding Home for Homeless Dog
Since childhood, April has been influenced by her family's love for animals, and has long-term experience in feeding stray animals and volunteering for animal welfare. She has always regarded them as family members, but due to her work, she couldn't devote her full attention to them. After witnessing a series of stray dogs being poisoned on a mountain, April was determined to establish " Home for Homeless Dog." She quit her job, sold her property to build a dog shelter, and wholeheartedly took care of the stray dogs, carefully selecting suitable adopters for them. April hopes to provide them with a safe and secure home for life, free from threats and harm. From 2019 to 2022, April and her volunteers have rescued nearly 400 animals, with about 80% successfully finding new owners. In addition to rescuing animals, April also emphasizes life education. She believes that promoting animal welfare concepts and educating the next generation are the keys to alleviating the situation of stray animals in Hong Kong.

In an interview, April stated, "Currently, many people still do not take the issues of sterilization and release seriously, resulting in dogs maintaining high birth rates. Overburdened owners choose to abandon or neglect them without proper sterilization, creating a vicious cycle. However, the adoption rate cannot keep up with the birth and abandonment rates, causing animal organizations to be constantly over capacity. I believe that the current situation where pet owners can easily abandon their pets is unhealthy, and there should be more deterrent provisions and penalties for abandonment."

April tirelessly takes care of the furry children regardless of their age, weakness, or disability, with the hope of providing them a happy and comfortable home. She is determined to protect them till the end.

Vote for me:
I regard the strays as my family, and I am devoted to the animal welfare industry, contributing to my family (animals and stray animals), rescuing them from harsh environments, and witnessing their health and mental state improve. From being homeless to being loved by their adoptive families, I believe this brings me the greatest happiness, no matter how difficult the journey may be. I am also glad to meet many like-minded people, who let me know that I am not alone on this path, but instead surrounded by love and warmth. While voting in the election, please don't forget to pay attention to the welfare of stray animals! Thank you.