Loving Cat Tiny store Owner Devoted to Saving Cats, Inspiring "Love Needs to Be Timely" through Action
As an independent volunteer, Sumtin may have limited resources, but her love for animals has never waned. She is committed to rescuing and caring for sick, elderly, and abandoned cats, wholeheartedly striving to save these innocent lives. What she seeks is not repayment, but the chance to change the tragic fate of these animals and give them a happy life.

Many people may hesitate when it comes to saving animals, but Sumtin is determined to take action. Upon learning about a trapped cat reported by the Hong Kong Animal News, she immediately set out early the next morning with a cat cage and canned food, carrying heavy equipment and without hesitation, she went up the mountain to save the cat. After much effort, she successfully rescued the cat and took it to a veterinary clinic for examination. Sumtin then searched for adopters, hoping to find a loving home for the cat so they can live a happy life thereafter.

Sumtin mainly relies on her small shop (Facebook page "spicy_fishballs_pls") to support her cat rescue activities. She has devoted her energy, time, and money to save countless cats whose lives hang in the balance. She knows that love must be timely, as cats in the community often die due to late rescue efforts. She encourages everyone to spare a little time when encountering cats and dogs, as it might give the animals a chance at a new life. Despite her limited resources, she still willingly spends a lot of time and effort to save cats and provides them with a temporary home in her shop. This selfless spirit of helping animals is praiseworthy, and we hope Sumtin's passion for animals can inspire more people.

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We live in Hong Kong, where humans and animals should coexist peacefully. Let us not harm or abandon animals, and hope that everyone can work together in their respective roles to help those animals in need of love. The love for stray animals needs to be timely; let us join hands and make an effort together!