Shelter:Pet with You
Age:15 years old
Personality:Likes to be petted, especially under the chin, and responds with purring; when hungry, he will be very clingy and circle around the temporary foster parents’ legs until mealtime.

Abandoned due to illness, the strong vitality of One-Hsiu ignited hope
Ikkyu is now 15 years old, but nobody knows about his growth process except the heartless person who abandoned him.

One morning in February this year, a security guard at a residential estate in Tai Wai discovered a suspicious pet bag in a corner on the roadside. Upon investigation, he found a critically ill British Shorthair cat named Ikkyu, along with a note with simple information: Ikkyu, male, born in June 2008. There were also new cat kidney food and canned food in the bag, indicating that Ikkyu was likely suffering from kidney disease.

A kind-hearted person took Ikkyu home temporarily and found him very weak, with his whole body wet with urine. It is believed that he spent the whole night in the cold.

Eventually, Ikkyu was taken to a veterinarian by the volunteers of the Pet With You Team. At the time, Ikkyu's intestines had stopped moving due to not eating for a long time. He also suffered from severe diabetic ketoacidosis, as well as various complications such as pancreatitis, weakness in the hind legs, and vision problems. In addition, Ikkyu's other organs such as the heart and liver also had various hidden dangers, and the situation was extremely pessimistic.

However, Ikkyu did not give up. Although he was exhausted, he would try to respond to his name when softly called. After only 8 days in the hospital, Ikkyu showed his strong vitality, and his spirit and life indicators gradually improved. He could even eat on his own without relying on a nasal feeding tube. Although he needs regular follow-up visits, daily insulin injections, and medication to control his condition, he was finally able to leave the hospital. Ikkyu is currently resting in a temporary foster home, where he can once again feel human love and the feeling of home under the care of his temporary foster parents.

Vote for me:
Hello, everyone, I am Ikkyu. I hope to remind all pet owners through this competition and my own experience that pets are family members, not toys or decorations. We will also grow old and may have various illnesses, but please do not choose to abandon us. You are our only hope.

Don't worry, I have survived the dangerous period, and my condition is gradually stabilizing! I hope you can bless me to find a peaceful home and spend the rest of my days together. At the same time, I also hope to ask everyone to cheer on my temporary foster family, who work hard every day to take care of me! It's not easy to feed me medicine and injections every day, and you know that old cats can be temperamental. Thank you for your warm arms, which make me feel warm again.