Dark Bro

Shelter:Kelly Animal Shelter (Kelly Animals Shelter)
Age:12 years old
Personality:Friendly, lively, curious, loves to be petted and groomed, enjoys walks

Brave One in the Dark: Dark Bro
"Dark Bro" is a cool and powerful name. It's hard to imagine from his name that Dark Bro used to live a humble life.

Dark Bro was once a stray. During his time as a stray, only a few volunteers fed him, and hardly anyone noticed his existence. One day, the friendly Dark Bro was unfortunately captured by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. The volunteers couldn't bear to see Dark Bro's life end like this, so they redeemed him from the department and placed him in a small dog shelter.

Just when everyone thought Dark Bro had found a place to live after surviving his ordeal, his fate was not that simple. After 8-9 months at the small dog shelter, some young and strong dogs arrived. Sadly, Dark Bro didn't get along with the new dogs and was bullied and bitten by them. The person in charge of the shelter at the time did not notice Dark Bro's severe injuries until March 2022 when they discovered multiple wounds on his right forearm and palm, infested with maggots, and sought help from various animal organizations. Eventually, KAS, his current shelter, took Dark Bro in, and the shelter owner, Kelly, quickly arranged for him to be treated at a veterinary clinic.

After the doctor's diagnosis, Dark Bro needed to undergo amputation surgery, or the rotting wounds would spread to other parts of his body, posing a life-threatening risk. To save his life, Dark Bro underwent the amputation surgery and became a three-legged dog. During his recovery and adapting to his new life, he needed a loving environment. Fortunately, a foster family was willing to take care of and love Dark Bro during that time, allowing his wounds to heal well!

Although Dark Bro recently returned to KAS due to the temporary foster family being unable to continue fostering animals, his optimistic attitude and warm smile still inject positive energy and hope into Kelly and the volunteers, who continue to care for the cats and dogs at the shelter and work hard to find them forever homes!

Vote for me:
"What's there to be afraid of with only three legs?" Although each step I take requires more effort than other dogs, it doesn't diminish my curiosity and optimism towards the world. I still love going for walks with one less leg, and I hope to feel the warmth of a home for the rest of my life.

In addition to wanting to be elected as the "Furdel Dog of the Year," I also hope to use this opportunity to let more people know about me and find a loving adoptive family! Haha! I hope my extraordinary experiences and life can bring you positive energy, encouraging other furry children and humans to live life positively. Can I get your vote?