Awards 2023

Who will be crowned the ultimate Furdel?
Nominate and vote for your favorite now in the first-ever public awards!

The 2nd “Kakato® Animal Furdel Awards” has begun, featuring three categories: “Furdel Cat”, “Furdel Dog” and “Furkid Angel”. These awards aim to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions towards animal, as well as cats and dogs whose inspiring stories have had a positive impact. This year marks the first time that public nominations are being accepted, with the goal of encouraging more people to participate and share their heartwarming stories about their pets.

Through furdels’ stories to inspire people to take care of animals, respecting their lives and promoting a harmonious society where humans and pets can coexist. The awards also aim to raise awareness and support for pet adoption and providing warm homes for stray animals in need.

During the nomination process, we discovered the positive energy that animals bring to humans. Despite facing misfortunes or physical disabilities, they can still overcome difficulties and demonstrate their vitality and worth. This spirit is deserving of our respect and praise.

The results of the “Kakato® Animal Furdel Awards” will be determined by a professional judging panel (40%) and public voting (60%) to select the best “Furdel”.  Winners and their nominators will receive prizes and gifts with a total value of over HKD110,000, supporting inspiring stories of cats and dogs and the angels who work tirelessly for animal welfare.

2023 Members of the Honorary Judging Panel

Dr. Gary W.J. Ades
Department Head,
Fauna Conservation

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden Corporation

Dr. Angela Ng
Neway Group Holdings Limited
Honorary Advisor
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Ms. Charlene Tse
Cookies Quartet
Miss Hong Kong Winner

Ms. El Chan
Society for Abandoned Animals

Dr. April Fong
Kakato® Premium Pet Food

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Notice of awardees: 

  1. The Organizers shall inform the awardees to attend The Kakato® Animal Furdel Awards Ceremony which will be held at the Premium Pet Supplies Expo 2023 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on Friday 2nd June 2023 from 15:00 to 16:00. Further details will be announced on the official website.
  2. In the event of awardees not being able to attend the Kakato® Animal Furdel Awards 2023 ceremony, the Organizer shall undertake to inform the said awardees for the collection of award.

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